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The spontaneity of the action held me captive.. there was feeling, emotion, drama, atmosphere.. the exhilaration of making this image was probably equal to that of the girl adjusting her wet hair..

Dying light

in the dying light
die i will
till morn...

The silence

how longing
thrives on silence
oh how...

In the end..

In the end
it's not that your shoe wears out.
It's your life that puts on...


i am here
not there, there
not here

A quick nap

A quick nap at the railway station

Engravers in Varanasi

There is a whole market for marble/granite engravers in Varanasi!

Time to bath

There's always time for that cold water douse, except that the water is viscous with dirt...


Greetings on the ghats of Varanasi.

Maulvis of Varanasi

Muslims and Hindus throng and rub shoulders on the Varanasi streets. Here, two maulvis contemplate the scene in front of them.

Will you take my portrait?

In the throng of humanity swaying on a Varanasi road, I spotted one face that stood out. He too looked at me and beckoned. I jostled my way to him and he said, 'will you take my portrait? '

Two rural women

Two rural women, friends of a feather, at the railway station.

Old Varanasi

The old Varanasi is essentially a complex labyrinth of crisscrossing narrow alleys. A woman saunters past another sitting on her doorstep...

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, its still happening. People who die of leprosy or snakebites are all wrapped up and taken to the Ganges midstream by boat where they are simply tossed overboard. Many times, expert swimmer dogs drag the carcases to the shore...