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natures’ pastels

Natures’ Pastels

natures’ pastels
how they marry
merry on a tree
(bark of a nyoza tree, aglow in the evening light)
baby cones

Baby Cones

baby cones and tender leaves
gaze with me
and awe aglow
(sprouting of young cones on a deodar branch)

Studded Diamonds

studded diamonds
mimicking a caterpillar
climbs a resin squeeze
(pine resin seeping out from a tree trunk.)
light paints leaves

Light paints leaves

light paints leaves
yellows and browns
in shadows bound
(leaves in play of shadow and light)

Seeds dry

seeds dry
hold god
in their backyard light
(coriander seeds against out of focus marigold flowers)

Drawing lines

drawing lines
sun’s pencil
with water plays
(sun sparkles on water in slow shutter speed)

The womb of a rose

the womb of a rose
spawns the
flowers’ queen
(macro view of inside of a rose flower)

Torn from the branch

torn from the branch
the way loss has
of dying
(a leaf afloat on water with river weeds for background)

A bed of moss

on a bed of moss
making love
a creeper’s finger
(a creeper resting on riverside moss)

Twigs and leaves

beckons the darkness beyond
back its
twigs and leaves
(twigs and leaves floating in an abandoned well)

The spider

the spider is long gone
gone to seed
(an abandoned spider’s web)

A resin drop

love me
‘coz like you
i too know how to cry
(a resin drop creeping down a nyoza tree)

A flower

stand behind me
let’s make a queue
god lives in the hue
(a flower in thought)

A half leaf

i made light
i made food
made you too
(a leaf half eaten by insects)


together with god
under a shining sky
(seeds, ready for wind dispersal)

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